It may seem that the man or woman who has the jealous issues cannot focus on anything else but the person that they are attracted to or have a fascination with.made to others who are near the target of attention. Life issues are common problems, issues and/or crises that happen to normal people living normal lives.

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The face may be tight and the lips may show disgust or anger.

In some cases it may look like the man or woman ate a lemon and on the other end of the spectrum you may see the man or woman show no facial expression at all.

The man or woman may stay close to their target and need close physical contact and in some instances they may need to be held or touched constantly.

The obsession may just be to have some contact with the “target” by being near them.

One of the first signs of jealousy in reading the body language of men or woman is that of frustration.

The body language will be animated and hand movements will be sharp.

When reading the body language of a jealous man or woman start with looking at the eyebrows and the forehead and then go lower from there.

You will see signs of anger or sadness in the eyebrows.

These signs and or signals can be used to scare the “target” into submission or even to create fear if they know that they are the center of attention. The jealous woman or man may initiate a fight with other people who may be seen as a threat to their ability to be with the person that they are obsessed with.