The Autobot wondered why Cade would help him, to which Cade responded because he trusts him to.

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While Optimus scouted, Cade and Shane discussed the latter's relationship with Tessa, which Cade was strongly against due to the circumstances of Cade and Tessa's mothers relationship.

After they spent the rest of the day and night there, Optimus returned to collect the trio, and began to assemble the rest of the remaining Autobots.

James Savoy, the violent leader of the group, had the agents turn their guns on the Yeagers and threatened to shoot Tessa.

Cade watched in horror as Savoy threatened her until they were saved by Optimus, who burst from the barn and attacked the soldiers.

Lucas and Tessa advocated calling the government, claiming that there was a huge reward for turning in Transformers.

Cade convinced them not to call the authorities until he could spend more time working on the truck, as he could stumble on a technological breakthrough if he could figure out how the Transformers work.While Cade is not the most responsible father in the world, his most redeeming quality is that when it comes to keeping his daughter safe, he does not go back on his word, no matter what; a promise he made to his bride before she passed away.He does have a creative and optimistic mind, lending it to building all kinds of inventions to make a good business out of.Soon afterwards, Cemetery Wind, the group hunting the Autobots, came to the farm looking for Optimus Prime.Cade almost convinced them to leave until he referred to the truck as "He" rather than "it".Before that could be done, Cade made a pit stop to see if he could access his credit card account using a modified Cemetery Wind drone he had captured, only to find his account had been locked.