The confusion and fear, that's there to remind you that somewhere out there is something better.The name James was chosen to honor Haley's parents and as a reminder that Haley will always be, Haley (James) - Scott.Nathan is known as a very great father over the years to Jamie, and to his daughter, Lydia Bob Scott.

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Both brothers have a love of basketball, but when Lucas moves from playing in the park to playing for the varsity team, they must deal with the fact that they have to see each other.

Aside from having to deal with his issues with Nathan on the court, Lucas must also deal with the fact that Peyton Sawyer, his long-time crush, is dating Nathan (Something not lost on Nathan) & being dropped into a new circle of friends alongside his best friend Haley James.

With his popular reputation, he and the team start hazing Lucas, hoping that Lucas will get tired of it and quit the team - but he doesn't.

He then orchestrates a plan to irritate Lucas more: he goes after Lucas' best friend, Haley James.

Nathan has a difficult relationship with his immediate family, too.

His father Dan is a constant nag and bully towards Nathan and pushes him with basketball, living vicariously through Nathan in an attempt to relive his own high school basketball glory.Eventually Haley and Nathan start falling for each other, but Lucas doesn't like the idea of it.Unfortunately for the couple, there is always drama.In the seventh season, following the departure of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton, the show was jumped ahead another fourteen months in order to make their absence seem more credible and less sudden.The show aired from 2003 to 2012, ending after 9 seasons and 187 episodes. Later learning about Lucas' best friend Haley James, Nathan decides to use Haley to anger his brother, but eventually ends up falling in love and marrying her. Lucas had initially thought of Nathan as a jerk, partly due to the fact that he hadn't been accepted by the Ravens due to Nathan trying to sabotage him as a player.