A stunning Swedish Instagram star got more than she bargained for when she put an online appeal asking to date a Scottish man.Ines Helene tweeted last night that she wanted someone to talk 'in Scots' to her, laugh at her 'in a Scottish laugh' and then 'make out' with her.On average, we're having it for 45.3 minutes at a time, although an energetic 1.7 per cent of you told us you were indulging in it for longer than three hours, with most of those respondents coming from the Highlands. At the other end of the scale 1.3 per cent of you are managing it for just five minutes or less, a statistic that leapt to 10 per cent in Grampian region. Commenting on the variety in times spent on sex, Anita Naik, advice columnist and author of The Lazy Girl's Guide To Good Sex, says: "The best balance is to try and make things different every time.

If she wants a disappointing night then I'm perfect.'Aaron Todd said: 'S'appening Ines?

Grab yir jaiket yuv pult..'Others were a bit more crass. 'Another user said: 'And I want a Swedish burd to take oot and talk tae and laugh at yer snash afore gieing ye a right good pumping.'Allan Donaldson said: 'Giz a Swatch of your f***y.' There were also some non-Scots who decided to try their luck.

She decided to tell her 110,000 Twitter followers that she was after a Scottish man. I'll be the one in the kilt.'Mikey said: 'When and where?

She wrote: 'I want a Scottish man to take me on a date and talk to me in Scottish and laugh at my witty banter in a Scottish laugh then make out with me.'Hundreds of replies flooded in with men eager to throw their hat into the ring to be considered as the one to grant her wish. I'm sure I can catch a wee haggis for some scran', along with a winky emoji.

"A lot of younger women would think that if the date paid for you then they wanted something.

Yet for the older generations, it's still very much the belief that the man should pay."And our taste in partners seems fairly traditional as well, with the ideal man for Scottish women being Sean Connery.

Only 13.2 per cent of you think that romance is dead, with the widest-eyed romantics being in the Highlands, where every single one of our respondents think romance is still alive and kicking.

Almost a third of you think online dating is perfectly normal in this day and age, and more than a quarter of you use text messaging to keep in touch with your partner.

Frank Mc Keown said: 'Sorry I'm busy ironing my kilt tonight darling.'Ghrim Reaper added: 'Wouldnae ride ye intae battle hen.'Ciaran Kelleher said: 'You're allowed to dream but let's keep it realistic here, do you even have any banter? 'Johnny Scotland put it bluntly, saying: 'I would, but she's got a mole.'Ines didn't appear to be swept off her feet by the responses her appeal got.