She expresses a dislike for school and takes every opportunity to say that it should be canceled.Heats Flamesman is a small, flame-headed monster encountered in Hotland.

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Whether the protagonist tells him that they remember or not, he puts on a flabbergasted expression and remark that he was easily defeated.

Speaking to him again after the protagonist tells him that they remembered his name earns the response "I'll always remember that you remembered!

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Or if you can squeeze it into your schedule, after the kids are in bed, put away the tub toys and enjoy a bath together. " or "Hey, did you remember to call the accountant?

They complain that their co-workers are not helping them with the reactivated puzzles.

This monster was once trapped behind the laser on the west side of the first steam puzzle room.Surprise him with the list—leave it on his bed, email it to him, sit down after dinner and read it together.He'll be touched by the thoughtful gesture, and the exercise will give you an important reminder of why you picked him in the first place. Actually cook one of the meals in your "someday" recipe file (or your Pinterest board).If the protagonist poured all of the water out of the cooler and dropped it, he talks about how there is now a "private pool" and says worse things have happened.These dragon and wisp-like monsters are glad that the reactivated puzzles are preventing them from progressing, as they do not want to work. This monster speaks in dialogue ending with a question or a question mark." Likewise, if the protagonist forgot he responds "I'll never forget that you forgot!