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She doesn’t sleep well, so my energy levels are on the floor.

Jasmin chat 40 old-41

So you can tell, like I had the same feelings, same type of sort of difficulties I had to go through twice instead of once.

JENNY BROCKIE: Rick, what do you associate being 40 with?

So I don't know, it's I've got a lot of freedom and I'm exploiting that as an opportunity.

Now you've just finished working on Steven Spielberg's latest movie, let's have a look at you here doubling for Antonio Banderas in 'Zorro'.

JENNY BROCKIE: I hope that makes everyone feel really adequate having listened to this story.

JENNY BROCKIE: And what is happening, how many kids?JENNY BROCKIE: How long have you been a stunt woman?JENNY BROCKIE: Around that's the first time he's used a woman as a double, yeah?We just finished shearing and I probably felt about 60 through some of those days.But ‑ JENNY BROCKIE: Does it matter, does being 40 matter?But the reason for that was I specialise in trick riding on horses and I have had a lot of practice standing up on horses - so Zorro wears some pretty impressive heels on his boots and spurs.