Third son of Asaf jah l ( Nizam l ) Mir Sa'id Muhammad Khan, Salabat Jang ruled from Bidar fort from 1751 to 1762, till his brother Mir Nizam Ali Khan Asaf Jah III imprisoned him in this fort, and was killed in Bidar fort on 16 September 1763.Mohammedabad old name of Bidar is also on his name.SH4 passes through Bidar and the whole city is integrated with 4 lane road.

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Aurangzeb came to Bidar after his father, Padshah (emperor) Shah Jahan, appointed him the Prince of Deccan.

He wrested the Bidar Fort from the Adil Shahis after a 21-day war in 1656.

Unlike other places in the region, Bidar is the coldest and wettest place in north Karnataka.

For the year 2009-10, Bidar was ranked 22nd among the cleanest cities in India, and 5th cleanest in Karnataka.

The Karez (Qanat) is an underground network of aqueducts for water supply.

The Bidar Karez, built in the 15th century, is more than 3 km (1.9 mi) long with 21 air vents.

With this, Bidar became a part of the Mughal dynasty for the second time.

Bidar was made a subah (imperial top-level province) in 1656, which Telangana Subah was merged into the next year.

Delhi rulers first headed by Allauddin Khilji and later Muhammed-bin-Tughluq took control of entire Deccan including Bidar. There were frequent warfare between the Bahamnis and Vijaynagar Kingdom.