Update October 20, a.m.: Nicole Beverly took the stand yesterday to testify against her ex-husband, and saw the man who has threatened her life and the lives of their sons for the first time since he was sent to prison for stalking her in 2012.After her testimony, Ann Arbor District Judge Karen Quinlan Valvo ruled that there is sufficient evidence for Kevin Beverly to stand trial against the new charges brought forward by Attorney General Bill Schuette.So the things that I thought were showing that he cared about me were more signs of jealousy and control. When Nicole and Kevin met while attending Eastern Michigan University, everything seemed normal.

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Those charges include witness intimidation and extortion.

The decision means Kevin Beverly will not be released from prison any time soon.

He dragged me into the house and ordered our boys to go upstairs and he proceeded to punch me, kick me, he jumped with his full weight on my ribs. and made me sit at the table and he went into his office, which was one room over, and got his gun.

And he told me that if anyone had heard me yelling for help and had called the police, that he was going to shoot the officers that answered the door and then kill me.

Nicole presented the text message and a voice recording of the threats to his probation officer.

After an attempt to arrest him failed, a manhunt was ordered and Kevin was later found and arrested in Dearborn.

After getting a personal protection order approved, Nicole left town for a few weeks.

When she returned, Kevin attempted to enter her home, threw a cigarette in her face, and continued to make graphic threats to her.

He would also contact her all the time, but the behavior was sporadic and she wasn't concerned. The threats and abuse grew more and more severe, until one day she attempted to leave--and Kevin snapped.

"As I was trying to flee from the garage, he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me back into the garage," Nicole said. he's 6-foot-4, at that point in time, he was probably about 360 pounds.

"He dragged me into our living room, kitchen area, which was open, and made me sit at the table and he went into his office, which was one room over, and got his gun.