One might expect Vringo to step away into the darkness by now, but no… Advice from patent troll Vringo, a nasty, malicious firm that is also Microsoft-connected, as we noted here before?

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When taking this into account, it seems to be unlikely that he later launched disciplinary proceedings against any one of his colleagues. █ Permalink Leave Your Comment Send this to a friend . There might soon be another protest in The Hague over it.

Battistelli is comments today, there are about a dozen new ones.

The result of the vote in the GCC was 10:9 in favour of the new career system, which then entered into force in 2015.

The CSC member was then heavily criticised for his behaviour by many disappointed staff members.

Here is the full comment: Is article 4a enforceable in any way? Do the member states want to move from a system favoring small and medium enterprises, which benefits the economy and stimulates employment, to a registration system which favors big enterprises with deep pockets, as Battistelli clearly intends.

This should be a political decision, taken by elected representatives, not by one man.

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