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The Utah Division of Wildlife (UDWR) manages elk in 29 management units in the state, but these units are sub-divided in such a way, there are really 50 elk management areas.

With the General Season Archery tag, you can hunt in any unit.

The General Archery Permits allows the taking of cow elk, so in an any Bull Unit, the permit is essentially an “any elk permit”, but with a Spike Elk Permit, only Spike elk or cow elk may be taken.

Limited Entry Cow tags can be drawn about every other year in Utah, so with a cow tag and a General Elk tag, you can hunt any elk in the Any Bull Elk units or you can hunt spike elk and cow elk in the Spike Elk Units and have a much higher chance of success.

A few Antlerless-Control tags will be available in some units in Utah, so that is another way to increase your chance of success even if you don’t draw a cow elk tag.

So it makes sense that hunter success in 2014 was higher in the Any Bull Units (17.1%) than the Spike Only Units (13.1%) for the “rifle” (Any legal weapon) season (Table 1).

Hunter success was about the same for muzzleloaders with 17.5% in Spike Only units and 17.1% in Any Bull units.

*Any elk may be taken with archery equipment as “Hunter’s Choice” (cow or bull) on Any Bull or Spike elk Units.