The governments of Denmark and Germany plan to connect Lolland with Fehmarn by a future immersed tunnel, the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link.

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The Centre is an experimental living history museum and it contains a reconstructed part of a medieval town from around 1400.

It is among the most authentic reconstructions of the medieval period in Europe, and holds both the largest and the oldest trebuchets in the world.

This ferry, in continuous service since 1963, serves 6 passenger trains per day.

Freight trains and night trains do not use the ferry; they take the longer way to the mainland via the Great Belt Bridge, then Funen and Jutland.

Despite the fact that these guns were designed as long ago as 1928, at the time they were installed in Denmark, they were state of the art artillery-pieces and could bear comparison with similar ones of other nations.

The guns are mounted on carriages (Kst MPL C/36) for use on land as coastal artillery.

Lolland is also known as the "pancake island" because of its flatness: the highest point of the entire island is 25 m (82 ft) above sea level, just outside the village of Horslunde.

The island has been an important communication highway, among others for Nazi Germany during World War II.

Hydrilla holds the advantage in that in can spread efficiently through both tubers and turions.